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Rollator walkers

Similar to standard walkers, rollator walkers typically have four legs and two handles for support. Rollators, however, have wheels on all four legs to make them easier to push. For your safety, they generally have hand brakes on the handles. You can choose a rollator walker from brands Drive Medica, Lumex and Medline in your preferred color, as well as with features that suit your needs.

Different uses and types

For convenience, you can use some rollator walkers as transport chairs, with the help of a caregiver or companion. Most have padded seats and some also have adjustable and folding back rests. There are lightweight aluminum rollators that can support different weights, as well as bariatric rollators that feature more width in the seat and heavy-duty materials. Other rollators are made only for indoor use, while many can be used outdoors, as well.

Options for mobility

You can find other mobility aids to help meet your varying needs. You may choose a cane or crutches for certain situations, and a walkes or wheelchair for others. There are also safety options here at Walgreens.com, including bathroom safety products such as commodes, safety grab bars and shower seats. Assist rails can also be used throughout the home, and bed safety rails can keep you safe as you sleep.