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Rompe Pecho expectorants

Rompe Pecho expectorants work by loosening phlegm in the throat and chest so that coughs are more productive. These alcohol-free products are used to fight colds and other viral or bacterial illnesses. Besides Rompe Pecho, there are several other brands that sell expectorants, including Mucinex and Vick's.

Cough medicine

Rompe Pecho expectorants are a form of cold medicine that are specifically designed to fight chest congestion and colds with significant mucus production. The active ingredient is guaifenesin, a special herbal extract that helps thin mucus secretions in the chest and throat. Rompe Pecho expectorants also contain echinacea and goldenseal, two herbs that help fight coughs and colds. These products also contain zinc, a potent mineral often used in cold remedies. One version also contains ingredients that help suppress coughs. The company also makes a sugar-free expectorant.

Choosing cold remedies

Rompe Pecho expectorants are just one form of cough medicine. Other cold remedies contain different ingredients and are used to combat different symptoms than do expectorants. Some cold remedies include ingredients to help relieve a sore throat, runny nose, sinus congestion, or headache. Other medicines are intended for use by people infected with the flu instead of the common cold. These flu medicines may have ingredients designed to relieve the muscle aches and fatigue associated with this disease. You should choose the cold remedy that fits your particular symptoms and avoid remedies with ingredients that treat other symptoms you don't have. If you aren't sure whether Rompe Pecho expectorants will work for your particular illness, contact a doctor before choosing a cough and cold remedy.