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Root Stimulators

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Root stimulators

Hair root stimulators are widely used to treat the problem of hair loss. There are many types of root stimulators, also known as follicle stimulators, available in the market in a topical form. They contain botanical extracts that nourish the roots of your hair and stimulate hair growth. Walgreens sells root stimulators from brands like Clairol.

Organic Root Stimulators

Organic root stimulators are commonly used to restore the overall balance of the hair. Organic root stimulators often contain olive oil and other natural ingredients that provide strength, sheen and softness to your hair. These kinds of root stimulators keep the dry hair completely moisturized. Hair mayonnaise is made from exotic botanical extracts and herbs. Some hair mayonnaise also contains olive oil and egg protein. It helps in revitalizing the dry and damaged hair. This sort of root stimulators moisturizes your hair and makes them shiny.

Heat Protection Hair Serum

Heat protection hair serum safeguards your hair against color fading and damage caused by heat-styling and exposure to UV rays. Heat protection hair serum forms a protective layer around your hair strands to prevent split ends and breakage while hairstyling. It makes your hair look silky and feel smooth.

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