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Rose Oil

More and more people are turning to nature to help them take care of their bodies and their homes. Rose oil is among the many plant extracts that are commonly used throughout the world to improve appearance, health and overall well-being. If you're looking for products that contain rose oil to add to your daily beauty or personal care routine or to use in your home, you're sure to find the perfect solution for your needs here at Walgreens.

What Is Rose Oil?

Rose oil is a broad term that describes an oily substance produced from fresh petals usually derived from the rose family Rosaceae and specifically Rosa damascena. Rose oil is rich in antioxidants and is known to have antibacterial properties, as well as an alluring aroma used in many beauty and personal care products. A by-product of distilling rose oil is the commonly used rose water.

What Is Rose Hip Oil Used for?

Because rose hip seed oil is an excellent source of many nutrients, the substance is often added to skin care products. The vitamin C found in rose hip seed oil may act as an antioxidant, providing protection against oxidative damage that can contribute to wrinkling of the skin. Vitamin C is also believed to assist with the production of collagen which gives skin its firmness. As a result, rose hip seed oil is often used as an active ingredient in natural anti-aging skin care products. Rose oil may be mixed with other natural ingredients, such as natural skin moisturizers, to enhance its benefits. It may also be used as a supportive ingredient in hair removal products, bath oils, massage oils and other products used to care for the skin.

Rose Scents for the Home

Rose oil has a wonderful scent that many people find romantic and soothing. For this reason, some people use it for aromatherapy. The unique fragrance of the oil makes it a common addition to products that are used to enhance the smell of a home or fight unpleasant odors. Home fragrance products that contain real rose oil are often preferred by those who are looking to use fewer chemicals in their daily lives. These rose oil products allow those who are a part of the green lifestyle movement to enjoy the scent of roses without relying on synthetic ingredients to produce the aroma.

Rose Hip Seed Oil for the Body

Some people choose to purchase 100 percent pure rose hip seed oil for use as a folk remedy or alternative remedy. A pure essential oil may be combined with a body lotion and used on the skin or added to bathwater for topical use.