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Safety Grab Bars

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Safety grab bars

Our selection of safety grab bars can provide you and those you care for with added stability in the bathroom and other areas of the home. These bathroom grab bars are available in different sizes and applications to fit a variety of spaces. You can also find safety grab bars that are adjustable to various lengths ideal for one-handed or two-handed use. Choose your safety grab bars from brands such as Medline, Nova and MHI at

Easy use for peace of mind

When looking for safety grab bars, it can be helpful to determine where you need to place your assist rails. You can mount some safety grab bars directly on your shower wall, while other grab rails are tub-mounted. Also look for a bathtub grab rail that can extend to a height that fits you. There are suction cup grab bars that are easy to install and remove. Other [safety grab bars] require hardware for permanent placement.

Increasing your safety

In addition to safety grab bars for the bathroom, there are other assist rails that you can use throughout the home. Toilet safety rails are a stable solution, or you can place a grab bar on the wall next to the toilet. Additionally, there are bed safety rails to help you get in and out of bed comfortably and securely, as well as adjustable walking canes to help your walking after you are out of bed.

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