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Saline Lens Solution

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Saline lens solution

Maintain the cleanliness of your contact lenses, and then store the lens safely with a saline lens solution. With the proper use of a saline solution, you can extend the life of your contact lenses, and prevent eye injury or infection due to debris on the lens surface.

Wash contacts to keep them free of debris

After cleaning your lenses or before heat disinfecting them, rinse your contact lenses in a saline solution to remove any loose dirt or debris present on the surface of the lenses. Along with removing dirt and debris, a saline lens solution also removes protein from the lenses with the help of an enzymatic cleaner. Saline solutions are gentle enough for use on a daily basis for both single day and extended wear lenses.

Store contact lenses safely with saline solution

Use saline lens solution to store your extended wear lenses. Just fill your storage container with the solution and set the lenses in place after their daily cleaning. The solution is created with a gentle formula that prevents damage to the lens or eye irritation after lens removal from the solution and wear. Saline lens solution is available in several sizes to better fit your supply needs. There are also sensitive formula lens solutions available that uses a formula emulating actual tears for those individuals who may experience slight irritation from the standard solutions.

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