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Saline Washes

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Saline washes

Wash the dirt, bacteria and other pathogens away with saline washes. These sterile liquids, powders and cloths are designed to wash wounds, sinus cavities and noses clear of infection-causing particles. Several brands make saline washes including Waterpik and Simply Saline.

Understanding nasal and sinus washes

Sinus washes are sprayed into the nasal cavity using a pump-like dispenser. The wash cleans away allergens, bacteria and excess mucous that can build up in the sinus cavity and nose. By eliminating the buildup, the wash keeps the areas clear of infection. It also reduces the number of sneezes and the degree of nasal congestion that you may experience with seasonal allergies and even colds. The nasal washes can also lubricate dry nasal cavities. The dryness can lead to headaches and nose bleeds.

Choosing a saline wash

Saline washes come in many forms to accommodate the many ways that they can be used. Saline washes for wound care are a vital part of any home first aid kit. Wound care washes come in the form of liquid rinses to irrigate the wound and cloths to wipe the wound. Nasal and sinus washes are found in the form of sprays and liquid rinses. Sinus wash powder is also available. When mixed with water, the powder works just like the liquid sinus wash. You must use sterile water to mix the saline powder in order to make the resulting solution sterile. The wide variety of solutions makes it easy to choose the saline washes that best fit your needs.

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