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Saw Palmetto

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Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto comes in three strengths normally, including 320 mg, 450 mg, and 500 mg. Saw palmetto is one of the leading herbs used for men's health, and it has been known to support prostate function and urinary health. Dietary supplements like saw palmetto can be beneficial to your health when taken as a regular part of your diet over time.

Dietary supplements

Supplements help replace the nutrients that you lose while you work, sleep, play, or do other activities, and they can help you fill in nutrient gaps in your diet from poor nutrition or a lack of fruits, meats, dairies, or vegetables in your daily diet. Saw palmetto supplements normally contain no preservatives, sugar, starch, milk, lactose, soy, gluten, yeast, sodium, fish, artificial colors, or artificial flavors, so those who need to avoid common allergies will be able to take this supplement easily.

Saw palmetto supplements

Supplements come in packs of tablets, capsules, or mixtures that can easily be taken with meals. To take saw palmetto supplements, you should follow the instructions as they are given on your particular brand of vitamins. Normally, adult men will take two tablets per day with a meal. Capsules of the herb can be opened and mixed with water to be prepared as a tea, which makes a nice drink that can be had throughout the day. Supplements and nutrients should be stored in dry locations and in those without excessive heat for safety.

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