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School glue

Ideal for use with many craft and school projects, school glue can be easy to wash off of your own or your child's hands. There is liquid glue that can be used on a variety of surfaces, and glue sticks for paper and cardboard materials. Both types of school glue from brands Elmer's and Penway can dry clear and provide lasting seals.

For school and home

You don't have to spend time waiting for your school glue to set, since many dry quickly. In addition to use for school projects, glue sticks can seal envelopes and help with other office tasks. Some all purpose glue can be used for crafting and repairs. For tougher jobs and a number of uses, there is super glue that offers a strong seal.

More options

Besides school glue, you'll find other adhesives and glue guns here at Walgreens.com that are ideal for crafting. There are also many types of tape as well as fun glitter glue. Adhesive remover can remove unwanted tape, labels and stickers without causing damage on most surfaces.