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Scooter Accessories

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Scooter accessories

If you use a mobility scooter for the added freedom and independence it can offer, browse thescooter accessories here at These items can help make using your medical scooter easier or more practical. You can choose a scooter lifting device to make loading in and out of a vehicle simpler. There are also baskets for carrying shopping bags and other essentials. Scooter accessories are available from brands Drive Medical and Scooter Pick'r Up'r.

Mobility scooters

If walking long distances simply isn't an option for you, mobility scooters can help you get out and about. You can enjoy your independence on these medical scooters that can be fun to ride and easy to learn. You can even move through small spaces in shopping malls, around the house and in other places since many medical electric scooters are narrow and easily maneuverable. Choose from different colors, sizes and battery types.

Getting around the home and outside

You have options for meeting your other mobility needs. You can choose from a selection of wheelchairs, walkers, as well as different sizes, designs and types of canes. We carry rollators that are similar to walkers, but can have large wheels and safety hand brakes. You'll also find forearm crutches, bariatric crutches and tall crutches. Aids to daily living are also available, including knee braces for arthritis and other needs.

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