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Scotch tape

3M makes the popular Scotch tape that is available in a variety of types here at Walgreens.com. We carry packaging and masking tape, strapping, electrical and double-sided tape and transparent tape, all from the Scotch product line. The popular Scotch Magic tape is available as well. Start shopping to find the Scotch tapes for your various home, school or office needs.

Different tapes for different uses

Most of us keep several kinds of tape on hand. Magic tape or transparent tape is great for gift wrapping and adhering smaller, lightweight things together. Masking tape is a little heavier and is handy for shipping and some minor repairs. Shipping or strapping tape is helpful for keeping boxes closed and labels adhered to packages you mail. There are also strong mounting tapes, eco-friendly tape and colored tape for use on multiple surfaces.

More adhesives

3M Scotch offers other adhesive products in addition to Scotch tapes. Their glue sticks are non-toxic and provide a clean, smooth application. Mounting strips are designed to be removable and reusable and can hold up to .75 pounds. Have fun with reusable restickable shapes for mounting that can be an alternate way to securely hang photos, lists or notes.