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Scrub pants

Scrub pants come in all colors and patterns. Whether you are shopping for a specific hue because your work dictates it, or you can choose your own design, make sure to get a uniform that fits you well. Even if your career makes you wear a certain style, ensure your own comfort by trying out a few different cuts before deciding on one. You can get scrub pants with flare bottoms, straight legs and other fits. Walgreens offers medical uniforms from brands like Medline.

Choices in scrub pants

There are men's scrub pants, women's scrubs, and ones that are considered unisex. Some have pockets if you want them, while others have simple tailored designs with little seams. There are solid colored options, as well as patterned choices. For a professional setting, see what your coworkers are wearing before going shopping yourself.

Choosing matching scrub shirts

Choose a scrub top that complements your pants. They come in the same variety of colors if you need to have a solid look. There are also many more patterns available than there are in scrub pants. Examples include children's designs like teddy bears and other cartoon characters for pediatric settings. You can have as whimsical a look as you want to help children feel at ease with you.