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Sculpting Hairsprays

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Sculpting hairsprays

Control and form your hair into the styles you like with sculpting haisprays. Use a flexible or firm hold sculpting spray depending on the look you're trying to achieve. If you're in a hurry, try a fast-drying sculpting spray. For a natural look, there are flexible or soft sculpting sprays that provide a more relaxed hold. We carry sculpting hairsprays from Paul Mitchell here at

Creating your style

In addition to sculpting hairsprays, there are a number of options of hair styling products for men and women available. Sheens and polish can be used to minimize frizz and the effects of humidity. Gels and glazes, mousse and hair spray can help you create, set and hold your style. Try a curl activator to improve the appearance of your curls throughout the day or night. For men, pomade and hair gels can be used to style, define and hold.

Total hair care

Starting with the variety of shampoos and conditioners available for men, women and kids, you can find a wide range of hair care solutions here. There are a variety of formulas, scents and sizes to keep your hair clean and conditioned. You'll also find hair and scalp treatments and hair regrowth and thickening products to address specific needs. Interested in more styling products? We carry hair appliances including flat irons, hair dryers and hair appliances, tools and accessories. You'll also find styling accessories including ponytail holders, barrettes and jaw clips.

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