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Sculpting Spray

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Sculpting spray

Get your hair in place with the sculpting spray that can work for you. There are different kinds of this hair styling spray, including fast-drying and soft sprays that add volume to your hair. Choose the level of hold and the features you prefer in a sculpting spray from brands such as Paul Mitchell here at

Choosing your spray

You can choose a firm hold or go with a lighter spray to hold your look in place. Flexible style sprays can be re-worked throughout the day, and offer a natural look. Other sprays help make sure that no hairs move out of place for a polished look. To protect your hair, you can use a sculpting haisprays with sun-screening properties.

Gels and more

For different styles and hair types, there are also sculpting gels. Like sculpting sprays, you can choose between various levels of hold and other features. If you prefer a more flexible hold, also try a pomade, putty or paste. Other hair sprays and hair gels offer long-lasting, firm hold. For extra volume, try a mousse or volumizer that can also help your look stay in place.

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