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SD memory card

Purchase an SD memory card to store photos, videos and other types of media files. You'll find memory cards in many different sizes, some of which allow you to store a significantly larger amount of data. Walgreens.com carries memory cards from brands like SanDisk.

Memory card options

What is your reason for purchasing this type of memory storage device? If you wish to use the memory card for your digital camera, you can choose an SD memory card that is designed specifically for this purpose. Check out our many options perfect for your smart phone, digital camera and PDA. You can hold up to two gigabytes of data using the basic size. You will also find mini SD cards that are geared towards smart phones and other smaller devices that the normal size SD memory card cannot fit into.

SD card size options

The 2 GB size is the most popular, but you can also find SD cards that range from as little as 1 MB up to 64 GB. 4 GB is the argest amount of space you will find on a regular SD card. Our SDXC card is one of the more advanced SD memry cards, possessing 64 GB. First select the size you need, then store as much information on your card as possible.