Seat Canes

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Seat canes

You can get around easily and comfortably with seat canes. These canes are a versatile option for long outings, since they fold out for an instant seat. You can go where you want knowing that you have a seat cane to rest on whenever, wherever. Choose your folding seat cane from brands Drive Medical and Nova with the features that are important to you.

Choosing your cane

Make sure you choose a cane that suits your height and weight specifications. Some seat canes have adjustable heights for both the cane and the seat when open. You can also choose between different types of hand grips. Most seat canes are made of aluminum, which is lightweight for easy use yet sturdy for reliable support. While most folding seat canes have a tripod support under the seat, there is also a type that features a sling seat while open and is a quad cane when closed.

Other canes and mobility assistance

In addition to seat canes, we carry other types of mobility canes to help make walking easier. You can find bariatric canes and heavy duty canes for strong support. Adjustable canes allow you to use the height that's most comfortable for you. Other aluminum canes such as folding canes are lightweight for easy transport and storage. Cane tips are available to replace worn-out tips for a non-slip grip on floors.