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Secret Deodorant Gel

Perspiration doesn't have to be a problem anymore. With Secret Deodorant Gel, you can effectively eliminate any sweating and odor every day. At Walgreens, we offer a variety of styles of Secret Deodorant Gel, which goes on clear and delivers day-long protection. Discover which style is best for your perspiration needs.

Antiperspirants and Deodorant

Odor and wetness can be problems of the past thanks to Secret Deodorant Gel. Many of these formulas serve as both antiperspirants and deodorants. As a result, you will enjoy a fresh, clean smell throughout the day, and those unsightly underarm sweat stains will disappear. Keep your odor and wetness in check, and your self-confidence will blossom.

Product Features

Secret Deodorant Gel fights odor and wetness thanks to unique formulas that are highly effective. Many of these formulas are capable of locking up odor for up to 48 hours. These deodorants glide on clear, meaning you won't notice any messy residue on your skin or clothes. You can find these deodorants available in a variety of scents. Opt for an unscented variety, or choose from several fresh fragrances, including Hawaii citrus breeze, romantic rose, cocoa butter kiss, and passion de tango. Find the right scent that suits your preferences and personality. You can even mix and match Secret Deodorant Gels, mixing up the scent you choose depending on the occasion. Mask odor, eliminate underarm wetness, and showcase a delightful fragrance with these highly effective products.

Clinical Strength Protection

If sweat and body odor are major problems and you struggle to find a deodorant strong enough at eliminating these issues, consider a clinical strength Secret Deodorant Gel. These products offer prescription-strength wetness protection. They absorb odor while simultaneously releasing a scent that keeps you smelling clean and feeling dry. Power packed with odor-fighting capsules, this deodorant can even protect you against stress sweat, which has a particularly potent odor. Like other Secret Deodorant Gels, clinical strength varieties come in a number of fragrances, including powder fresh, sport fresh, and a floral and bold lavender scent. This doctor-recommended formula offers supreme strength for an over-the-counter deodorant. Combat body odor caused by stress, exercise, heat, and more with Secret Deodorant Gels available at Walgreens.