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Secret scent expressions

Secret scent expressions provide the type of light fragrance that you want from a deodorant. These deodorants and body sprays keep sweat from reaching your clothing, while still offering a light scent.

All day deodorant protection

Deodorants do not block the sweat glands like some think. These products actually cover your sweat glands with a thin layer or film, which reduces the amount of sweat that settles on your clothing or the top layer of your skin. Secret scent expressions has a light scent that doesn't overwhelm the senses like other deodorants. It keeps you from smelling sweaty or dirty when exercising, running errands or while at work. The deodorant comes in multiple scents, including floral fragrances.

Layering your scents

If you want maximum protection that keeps you fresh all day long, consider layering your scents. Secret scent expressions not only comes in a deodorant form, but also a body spray. The body spray mimics the same scent as the deodorant, but is suitable for use all over your body. Use the scented spray as you would any type of perfume. Spray the fragrance over your hair, on your pulse points or use a light spray all over your body. You can even use the body spray to touch-up your scent throughout the day. Keep a bottle in your purse or bag to smell great all day long. For maximum effectiveness, pick a scented spray that matches your deodorant.