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Shaving cream

Choosing the right shaving cream is imperative to your skin's condition. Pick one based on your individual needs and skin type. Fragrances can make shaving products undesirable. Walgreens.com can help you find the perfect shaving creams, gels or lotions that match your specific needs. No matter what brand, from Gillette to Barbasol, we have what you're looking for.

Choosing a women's shaving cream

Unsightly razor bumps and irritated dry skin is not a pleasant way to end the shaving experience. To get soft and silky legs and underarms, choose a product that will protect and moisturize your skin. Use a shaving lotion, cream or gel to achieve the results that you want. If you have sensitive skin, pick one that is made especially for you. Look for extra natural moisturizing ingredients, as well as scents that will complement your perfume, body spray or shampoo.

Selecting a men's shaving cream

Men's shaving products differ from women's in a few ways. Depending on if you shave your face smooth or just use razors for facial hair trimming purposes, choose a shaving cream that will refresh and moisturize your skin. Red, irritated chins, cheeks and upper lips look as unsightly as they are uncomfortable. Some aftershaves claim that they can help combat such uncomfortable blemishes.