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Shea Baby Oil

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Shea baby oil

Shea baby oil pampers your little one's skin. It helps to replenish moisture and keep a baby's skin as soft as, well, a baby's bottom. Many trusted lines carry products that contain this ingredient for its skin softening ability as well as its scent. carries shea baby oil from brands like Shea Moisture and Johnson's.

Shea baby washes

Shea baby oil offers a different kind of softening than other skin moisturizers. Look for a baby wash that also contains extra calming ingredients, such as lavender or other aromatherapies, to make bath time a luxurious experience from the beginning. After the bath, use a baby lotion that also features this moisturizing ingredient. Shea baby oil lotions keep the pampering session going. Lightly massage it into your infant's skin and give an allover body massage while you're doing it.

Other shea products

Other baby skin care products contain other natural ingredients, such as cocoa butter and chamomile, to maintain the health of your little one's skin. Shea baby oil also promotes the healing of dry, chapped or windburn skin. If your infant is prone to uncomfortable ailments, such as diaper rash or heat rash, using these products can help soothe their delicate skin.

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