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Shea butter moisturizer

Replenish your skin's moisture with a shea butter moisturizer. Shea butter can hydrate the skin while making it soft and touchable. Many shea butter moisturizers also contain other natural ingredients that offer skin care benefits. There are moisturizers that relieve itch, shield skin from effects of aging, or improve your skin's natural radiance. Choose the shea butter moisturizer for you from brands such as Out of Africa, Shea Moisture and St. Ives.

Moisturizers and lotions

Our wide selection of shea butter moisturizers here at Walgreens.com includes hand creams, rejuvenating creams and lotions, body lotions and more. Some of these moisturizing lotions are made with all-natural ingredients, and some are even organic. Choose a daily moisturizer that can last for 24 hours, or try a deep repair lotion that can help heal cracked, dry skin.

More shea butter offerings

If you enjoy the skin care benefits of shea butter, try other products that contain this nourishing natural ingredient. There are shea bar soaps that cleanse without over-drying your skin, as well as hand soaps, acne treatments and washes and gels. Shampoo your hair with a hydrating shea butter shampoo for dry hair, and follow up with a leave-in or rinse-out shea butter conditioner.