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Shea butter soap

Shea butter soap is a delightfully scented cleanser is derived from shea tree, a plant indigenous to West Africa. Shea butter is an all-natural substance that is used in soaps and lotions. While each product serves a different purpose, they all feature the enriching properties of shea butter, which can promote healthy looking skin.

Shea butter body wash and hand soap

Those who prefer a liquid body wash over a bar of shea butter soap can use a variety of shower gels and body washes with shea butter. Once you begin working the shea butter body wash into a lather, many users notice a calming scent filling the air. There's also shampoo and hair conditionersfor a complete shower with the pleasing scents of natural shea butter. If you just can't get enough shea butter scent, place a pump of shea butter soap next to each sink in your home. This naturally moisturizing liquid will keep your hands feeling soft, even if you wash them frequently.

Shea skin products

The various enriching properties of shea butter make this substance an idea component of shea baby lotion. Although your results will vary depending on the condition of your skin, shea butter lotion can even out your skin tone, provide a light layer of protection from the sun and even smooth away signs of eczema. There are also lip balms to prevent chapped lips in the dryest of weather conditions. All these benefits come along with the light and pleasing scent of shea butter, so your skin will feel healthy and you will smell great.