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Shimmer Blush

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Shimmer Blush

When you think of a beautiful complexion, you envision a face with healthy color in the cheek area. If you're like many women, that perfect touch of color doesn't come completely naturally. You may need to cover your complexion with foundation to disguise imperfections or have uneven undertones along your cheeks that need correcting. Fortunately, you can achieve a beautiful blush with the help of shimmering powder blush makeup products from Walgreens.

The Benefits of Shimmer Blush

Blush is a type of cosmetics that is applied to the cheeks in order to add rosy color to the skin. The right blush can help you avoid a washed-out look after applying foundation or accentuate the natural undertones of your skin. Shimmering blush is a special type of cheek cosmetic. Along with enhancing the coloration of the cheeks with pigments, shimmer blush adds light-reflective particles that give skin a dewy appearance. The added shimmer helps skin appear more youthful and radiant, and the shimmering particles can also soften fine lines to make them less prominent.

Choosing the Right Shimmering Shade

Shimmer blush comes in a rainbow of hues. To find the right color for your skin, you'll want to choose a shade that is of the same temperature as the natural undertones of your complexion. Study your freshly cleansed face in front of a mirror where there is good lighting. If you see peach or golden hues along your cheeks, choose a warm blush in shades like taupe, peach, apricot, bronze or orange. If the undertones have a pink, purple or bluish cast, pick a cool blush in a color like rose, pink, wine, plum or berry. Lighter colors are a better choice for fairer complexions, while deep colors will best suit darker skin.

Where to Apply Shimmer Blush

In order to get natural-looking results from shimmer blush, it is important that you apply it to the right spot. Blush should be applied to the cheekbones. You can easily see by sucking in the sides of your face as if you were mimicking a fish. Using a brush, sweep the blush across the area that protrudes above the sunken part of your complexion for a gorgeous look.

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