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Silicone scar reduction

Help reduce the appearance of raised or discolored scars after surgery or injury with Silicone scar reduction sheets. These wound care products can be used immediately after a wound has healed in order to prevent severe scarring. Even if you have old scars, you can use silicone scar sheets to help flatten and lighten them. Silicone scar reduction sheets from Retouch are self-adhesive for your convenience.

Minimizing your scars

Browse different sizes of silicone scar reduction sheets to find the size that will completely cover your scar. In addition to rectangular scar sheets, there are shapes specifically for c-section scars, tummy tuck and breast surgery scars. These silicone scar treatments are reusable, and offer results over the span of several weeks.

Taking care

Besides silicone scar sheets, we carry a range of options for scar treatment. You'll find different types of scar creams, as well as serums, oils and gels for anything from spider veins to severe scars. To help you recover, we also carry post-surgical products, including ostomy care, mastectomy care and medical hosiery.