Sippy cups

Protect your little ones and their clothes from spills and stains by giving them sippy cups. Fill your portable beverage container with your child's favorite fruit juice, water or milk to keep them hydrated and happy. Add a little fun with a sippy cup from brands such as Baby Fanatic, Foogo and Thermos that feature team logos, designs and colors.

Spill-proof protection

Get your kids started early when it comes to team spirit with sippy cups that feature professional and collegiate official team logos from across the country. These beverage containers come in 2-packs so that your little one never has to be without. Other colorful cups have soft spouts that are safe and gentle on your children's mouths, gums and teeth. Some also have handles to help your kids keep their grip on their favorite sippy cup.

Staying neat and clean

There are plenty of other options for help keeping your kids and their surroundings clean during mealtime. Our assortment of feeding accessories here at includes bibs and placemats for extra protection of clothes and tables. Choose from different types of dishes, bowls and safety spoons for your children. There are even other kinds of non-spill cups that your kids can use at various ages and stages.