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Skin Bleach

Every day, men and women struggle with skin discoloration like age spots, liver spots and melasma on the face and body. If you're one of them, you know how embarrassing having discolored skin can be and how it feels to want to simply bleach away the unevenness the way you might with a stain on an article of clothing. Skin discoloration occurs when your skin produces too much of the pigment that gives it its color. Many things can cause the skin's pigment production to malfunction, but no matter what caused it to occur, you must take steps to decrease the amount of pigment in the area of that dark spot if you want to make it less visible. Skin bleaching products do not actually whiten your skin the way bleach in the laundry room does to a white shirt. Instead, they contain ingredients that help to lessen the amount of pigment in the area where you have developed dark discoloration. Over time, this makes the discoloration less apparent, so that you can regain your self-confidence and look your best.

Finding the Best Formula for Skin Discoloration

Walgreens offers a variety of beauty formulas that can help you address skin discoloration. The collection includes products that contain an over-the-counter form of hydroquinone, an FDA-approved topical medicine for skin discoloration that works by reducing how much pigment your skin makes. There are also natural ingredients that disrupt pigment production, including vitamin C, azelaic acid and kojic acid. Some skin discoloration products contain lemon juice, which people have long used as a natural remedy for dark spots on the skin. You'll also find products that lessen the appearance of skin discoloration by exfoliating the skin and removing some of the darkened tissue. If you're not sure what type of skin bleaching formula is right for you, consult a dermatologist. Remember that any product you choose will require time to produce results. Keep on using the formula as recommended to give it time to work. Be sure to wear sunscreen when you're using products for skin discoloration. Some ingredients can make you more sensitive to the sun, and using daily sun protection can help reduce the chances of discoloration returning.