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When you think of slippers you generally think of the comfy ones meant for indoor wear around the house, but there are slippers for outdoor use too. Indoor slippers, or house slippers as they are commonly known, are built for comfort and often warmth and are typically softer and lighter than other types of footwear. Whether it's for protection from dirt, warmth during cold weather, or perhaps to help with getting around on slippery floors, indoor slippers can satisfy different needs for different people.

Outdoor slippers are a functional option that can come in handy when you are in search of relief and practicality or they may suit a certain occasion.

Who doesn't enjoy the comfort of a slipper?

If you believe that comfort is king and coziness a must, then you value a good slipper. Selection and variety may vary seasonally, but who says you can't have a pair for every season?