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Slow flow baby bottles

The transitional time between the breast and the bottle can be a bit difficult for growing babies, but there are slow flow baby bottles designed for newborns or babies that are switching. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and colors. Some slow flow baby bottle brands include Evenflo, Playtex and Medela.

Choosing the right slow flow bottle

Slow flow baby bottles are designed to feed your child in a manner that mimics breastfeeding. The slow flow nipple is designed to respond to a baby's pressure by slowly releasing milk upon contact. There are two types of slow flow baby bottles available on the market. The classic style provides you with an easy way to feed your child without having to resort to breastfeeding. It's a great option if you choose to feed your baby by the bottle only. The other type of slow flow baby bottle features a curved style. These slow flow baby bottles are perfect for babies switching between the breast and the bottle. Some of these types are designed to help lessen gas, colic or other baby discomforts. If you are need of a slow flow nipple, these can be bought separately.

Using your bottle

Slow flow baby bottles are easy to use. Before feeding your child, be sure to read the instructions included in your bottle's package to understand how to use it and the proper way to clean it. It may be best to boil parts of your bottle and the slow flow nipple before feeding your baby. After you have provided your child with milk, be sure to wash your bottle thoroughly. If you have any questions about whether or not slow flow baby bottles are right for your child, be sure to talk with your doctor.