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Snoring Ear Plugs

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Snoring Ear Plugs

Getting a good night's sleep is essential to your health. Unfortunately, you might find that it's difficult or impossible to sleep soundly if you share a room with someone who snores. Rather than banishing your partner or roommate to another room, you might find that simply wearing ear plugs at night helps block out enough sound so that you don't have trouble falling or staying asleep. Here at Walgreens, we have a variety of different snoring ear plugs for you to try so you can find the ones that are the most comfortable and effective.

Types of Ear Plugs

A number of innovations have been made through the years to try to ensure that ear plugs do their job well without being uncomfortable to wear. You'll find three main types of snoring ear plugs to choose between.

Disposable foam ear plugs can be compressed and inserted into your ear canal, at which point the foam will expand again and create a seal that blocks out sound. This popular variety is inexpensive, and the foam is soft enough that it doesn't typically cause discomfort during sleep.

Another type of ear plug is made of flexible plastic and features a series of phalanges that are pre-formed to be similar to the size and shape of your ear canal. These ear plugs are often trusted by musicians during concerts, and they are both reusable and comfortable.

The third popular variety of ear plug is made of a malleable silicone. These soft earplugs are rolled into a ball and inserted into your ear, where they adjust to the shape of your ear canal--making them one of the most user-friendly varieties.

Safely Wearing Ear Plugs at Night

Your ears are among the most delicate parts of your body because they rely on so many microscopic components seamlessly working together to function. As a result, they can be easily damaged if you don't take care when wearing ear plugs. Make sure that you never insert ear plugs too far into your ear canals. They shouldn't block out noise entirely--they should just dampen extraneous sounds like snoring. Wearing ear plugs also shouldn't ever be painful. If you feel discomfort when wearing them, talk to your doctor.

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