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The famous "blanket that has sleeves" is at Walgreens.com for adults and kids and even for dogs! This is the Snuggie as seen on TV that allows you the freedom to move while keeping you warm. The sleeves in the Snuggie mean you stay covered, but can use your arms and hands. It's a very functional design that keeps you comfortable and still allows you to do what you need to.

Comfy and cozy Snuggies for everyone

We carry collegiate Snuggies too, so you can warmly support your favorite team. Kids can drape themselves in their favorite character with Snuggies for kids. Outfit your extra small, small, medium or large dog with dog Snuggies. The adult, one-size-fits-all Snuggies come in a myriad of colors and various styles so you can express your individuality with your Snuggie. Stay warm in style!