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Soap bar

Cleansing daily is essential to maintaining soft, comfortable and healthy skin. Soap bars can help condition your skin while eliminating impurities. Try a soap that moisturizes to keep your skin hydrated or one that includes ingredients that can leave your skin's natural oils in balance. Here at Walgreens.com, you'll find soap bars for many skin types, including ancne soap amd soaps sensitive skin, from brands Dove, Kiss My Face, Clearly Natural and more.

Soaps for the whole family

From luxurious to basic, there are a variety bar soaps with ingredients ranging from goats milk to mint, lemon and lavender oil. You can stay fresh and clean throughout the day with deodorant soaps. For a great way to cleanse all over, there are body washes and soaps available in many scents, formulas and brands for both men and women. For your little ones, or for your own delicate skin, there are baby soaps that are gentle and often fragrance-free.

Refresh, protect and hydrate

After washing, using a facial moisturizer can help keep your skin comfortable and smooth. Whether you want to protect against sun damage with a sunscreen lotion or rejuvenate with an anti-aging skin cream, there are many lotions from popular brands available here. Try a night lotion that goes to work as you sleep or an eye cream that revitalizes and protects the delicate skin around the eyes. Creating your own skin care routine is easy with the variety of cleansers, scrubs and moisturizers here at Walgreens.com.