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Softsoap Body Wash

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Softsoap Body Wash

Wow your senses with your favorite fragrance with the indulging selection of Softsoap Body Wash products. Infused with floral and fruity scents designed to boost your spirits and energize your mind and body, Softsoap Body Wash will care for your skin and leave you feeling clean, fresh and beautiful from head to toe.

Feel Special with Softsoap Body Wash

Tantalizing just to look at, it gets even better when you pop the lid and breathe in the intense aroma of each type of Softsoap Body Wash. Almost good enough to taste, the fragrances are specially formulated with extracts from sharp citrus fruit, tangy berries, soothing vanilla, colorful pomegranate, exotic mango, tropical coconut and almond.

Triggering lovely memories or creating new ones, the scents of flowers such as honeysuckle, black orchid, cherry blossom, hibiscus and blue lotus flower generate a lingering perfume to make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Moisturizing Goodness

With Softsoap Body Wash there is something to suit everyone's needs. For skin needing extra hydration, the moisturizing formula containing suspended moisture beads gives an extra dimension to the product, eradicating dryness to leave your skin supple and as soft as silk.

Hydrating body washes from Softsoap are indulgent and rich. Ideal for people who want to feel pampered, it is impossible not to relax as the creamy body butter glides over the skin, smoothing and moisturizing your whole body.

Exfoliating Benefits

For a luxurious spa experience in your own home, Softsoap Body Wash also has a selection of exfoliating body washes. Intense yet gentle enough for everyday use, the special combination of creaminess and exfoliating action can help you to gently scrub and buff the surface of your body, sloughing off dead cells and reinvigorating the skin to leave it smooth, hydrated and sweet-smelling.

Make Every Day Special

Softsoap cares about its customers and is committed to crafting beautiful products of the highest quality to help you take care of your skin.

Perfect as a beautiful yet practical gift for someone you love, or an everyday pleasure to enhance your beauty routine, you can't go wrong with Softsoap Body Wash.

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