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Solid Antiperspirant

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Solid antiperspirant

Stay confidently fresh and dry with solid antiperspirant. Antiperspirants are made to prevent sweat, and some also include fragrance or deodorant to help stop body odor. Even if you need clinical strength antiperspirant, you have a range of options here at Choose your solid antiperspirant from a variety of strengths, fragrances and brands such as Secret, Lady Speed Stick and Right Guard.

Find the right protection

In addition to solid antiperspirant, there are many features and forms of deodorant and antiperspirant. There are clinical strength formulas for men that offer prescription strength wetness protection. Deodorants for women can range from scented solids for women to clinical strength deodorants, offering strong protection. You can choose invisible solid antiperspirant or deodorant that goes on clear to avoid leaving marks on your skin or clothes. There are also roll on antiperspirants and deodorant gels that can offer long-lasting protection. There is even antiperspirant deodorant spray that is easy to apply to help you stay dry.

Bath essentials

You'll find body washes in a variety of scents and sizes to help you cleanse and care for your skin. For women, there are fragranced shower creams, moisturizers and lotions with essential oils and other nourishing ingredients for various skin care benefits. For men's skin care, there's aftershave lotion, body lotion, and 2-in-1 hair and body wash as well as sport body wash. You can also smell great throughout the day with your favorite men's body spray, women's fragrance or perfume lotion.

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