Sonic Toothbrush

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Sonic toothbrush

An efficient, gentle method of brushing teeth can be achieved with the advanced technology of sonic toothbrushes. These toothbrushes offer an effective method to achieve a superior level of oral health, scrubbing food particles from teeth and keeping gums fresh and healthy. Sonic brushing also helps to remove tooth plaque, a coating which causes teeth to have a sticky feeling and can contribute to bad breath. Especially important, sonic brushing helps to control the enamel-destroying acids produced by bacteria caused by food particles. Traditional toothbrushes keep teeth and gums fresh, clean and healthy, but sonic toothbrushes perform the task particularly quickly and efficiently. Even the most vigorous manual brushing with standard tooth brushes are able to achieve 300 strokes per minute; with sonic tooth brushes, however, the brushing can actually reach up to 30,000 strokes per minute! This brings an entirely new level of cleanliness to oral care. The action of sonic tooth brushes can help to efficiently clean away the particles of food that provide the acid-forming conditions that can cause cavities, particularly clearing away particles from the gum areas surrounding the teeth.

Oral health is about the details

The purpose of brushing is concerned with removing the particles of food from the surface of teeth. It also keeps gums clean and healthy. Brushing is also about removing the sticky plaque from teeth - that enamel-destroying coating that is the cause of most tooth decay - and also about gently and effectively removing food particles from the areas between the teeth and below the surface of the gums. Sonic tooth brushes work to remove the food particles at and below the gingival line both gently and efficiently. At the level where the most dangerous tooth decay can occur, sonic tooth brushes provide efficient cleaning, but without excess surface wear that can sometimes be caused by manual brushing. With fast, efficient and thorough cleansing of teeth and gums - even where manual tooth brushes often do not even begin to clean - sonic tooth brushes offer a technology that can help provide the most advanced oral health care systems.