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Sour Candy

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Sour Candy

Delight your taste buds with sour candy, available at Walgreens. Savor the bold flavors in these candies, which come in a number of sour styles. Whether you're a hard candy man or a gummy candy gal, you can find a pack or two of sour candy just for you. Explore your choices and stock up on your favorite treats.

Licorice Candy

Say goodbye to traditional licorice and hello to a super sour variety. Some sour licorice styles are filled with a surprising burst of sour flavor. Combine a touch of sweet with a drop of sour for a truly delicious treat. The classic licorice flavor blends with a cherry kick or citrus punch to satisfy your craving for all things sour. You can also discover licorice bites in enticing sour flavors. These sugar-coated bites come in such flavors as strawberry or watermelon, giving you a bite-sized burst of sour.

Gummy Candy

Sour candy available at Walgreens also comes in the gummy variety, leaving you with a chewy treat packed with flavor. LifeSavers might be best known for their fruity, hard candy varieties, but you can pick up some sour gummy candies from the brand as well. Enjoy a variety pack that features such flavors as tangy cherry, watermelon, orange, strawberry, and black raspberry. Sour jelly beans add a surprising pop of flavor to your candy snack. Try a sour apple pack of these fat-free, gluten-free, and peanut-free treats.

Sour candy can also be a fun and surprising treat for kids -- and adults -- of all ages. You can find sour candy available in the shape of worms, creepy crawlers, or even an octopus. These candies are dipped in sour sugar that will leave your mouth watering. Or, pick up one of several varieties of Sour Patch Kids, which come in such flavors as watermelon, which features a sweet and then sour sensation for your taste buds.

Hard Candy

Adults will enjoy the flavor packed in hard sour candy. Pick up a pack of individually wrapped hard candies, which you can leave in your office desk or handbag for a sour treat whenever you desire. For instance, lemon hard candy offers a sweet and sour taste for your taste buds.

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