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Spf For Kids

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SPF for kids

Protect your children from harmful UV rays with SPF for kids. Sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) can block harmful rays from the sun and prevent sunburn. SPF for kids range from 30 to 100+. You can choose the level of SPF based on how long your child will be exposed to direct sunlight. Shop for kids' sunscreen with SPF from Banana Boat, Coppertone and Neutrogena here at

Protecting delicate skin

SPF for kids sunblock comes in formulas for children as well as babies. Sunblock for babies is available in stick, spray and lotion forms, so you can choose whichever is easiest to apply. Kids sunscreen also comes in spray, lotion and roll-on forms. Some sunscreen for kids is available in fragrance-free and sensitive skin formulas. You can also find kids' water-resistant sunblock that promises not to wash away in water.

Sun care for the whole family

Our selection of sunscreen and tanning lotions come in formulas and sizes for the whole family. Try sport sunblock that resists water and sweat. Sunscreen sprays can be applied easily for all-over coverage. There is facial sunblock that is non-comedogenic to avoid irritation. If you're looking to build your tan, there are tanning oils, sprays and lotions that can offer some sun protection while you try to get your golden glow. You can also find sunless tanners that you can apply over time for a tanned look.

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