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Spray-on sunscreen

Keep your skin comfortable and safe while you're out in the sun by using spray-on sunscreen. You can find sunscreen sprays with SPFs that range from 4 to 110. Choose your spray-on sunscreen from brands such as Banana Boat, Neutrogena and Coppertone based on whether you'd like a deep tan, a subtle glow, or full-spectrum protection.

Active, healthy and comfortable

If you stay active outdoors, choose a sport spray-on sunscreen. These spray-on sunscreens can be water- and sweat-resistant, so you don't have to worry about reapplying. Most types of spray sunscreens go on clear and dry quickly to save you time waiting for your sunscreen to absorb into your skin.

Additional forms and types

For other members of your family or for other occasions, we carry a variety of sunscreen products here at Walgreens.com. Look for sunscreen lotions that can moisturize your skin while protecting it. Made specifically for facial sun protection, facial sunscreens can be delicate on your skin and non-comedogenic. For babies and children, there are hypoallergenic babies' sunscreen and kids sunscreen.