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Spray tan

Get a rich, even tan by using a spray tan product. Neutrogena and Hawaiian Tropic offer sunless tanning sprays for even coverage and easy application. Choose the tan spray shade that will give you a natural-looking glow. Some spray tans are even functional at any angle so it is easy to cover those hard-to-reach areas. Just spray, allow a few minutes to dry, and you're ready to go.

Other tanning options

In addition to spray tans, there are self-tanning lotions that you can apply to gradually build a tan. You have control over where you apply it and how heavy you apply it to create an even tan. Airbrush tans are another option for a spray-on tan that can be applied quickly and easily. If you're looking for more temporary color, try a bronzer that you can brush on and wash off.

A real sun tan

If you want to get a tan from the sun, we have tanning products to help you achieve a golden glow. Tanning oils generally have low or no sun protection factor (SPF) so your skin will tan faster. Tanning oil sprays are easy to apply and keep your hands from getting messy. Some tanning lotions include skin-nourishing ingredients to balance the effects of the sun on your skin.