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St. Ives Products

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St. Ives Products

Revitalize your personal care routine with the St. Ives Products available at Walgreens. This extensive line of products has everything you need to nourish your skin. From cleansing and moisturizing to deep exfoliating, St. Ives Products offer a range of benefits for your delicate skin. Get in touch with nature by adding St. Ives products to your beauty routine.

Effective Cleansing

Eliminating makeup and impurities from your complexion every day is essential to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. St. Ives offers several products that fit well into your daily skin care regimen, allowing you to easily cleanse your complexion. Cleansers rich in natural ingredients, such as carotenoids including vitamin A, work to purify skin and eliminate buildup. Green tea and other natural exfoliants help to calm irritated skin and unclog dirt and oil, thereby reducing the appearance of unsightly acne.

St. Ives cleansers are available for the body as well. A range of body washes and scrubs feature refreshing scents, including lemon and mandarin orange, creamy vanilla, and purifying sea salt. Body washes work into a rich, creamy lather that nourishes your skin in a number of ways. Dull, tired skin will be invigorated, and moisturizing agents work to soften and hydrate the skin. Plus, these body washes are infused with proven exfoliants, which work to brighten your skin.

Supreme Moisturizing

Well-moisturized skin is healthy and boasts a natural radiance. St. Ives Products also include facial and moisturizers, making daily hydration simple to achieve. Facial moisturizers feature natural ingredients such as safflower seed oil, which work to boost the skin's appearance while eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Keep the rest of your skin moisturized with indulgent body lotions that feature a range of gentle ingredients including shea butter, oatmeal, vitamin E, coconut milk, and orchid extract, which work to soothe and soften your skin.

Naturally Beautiful

St. Ives relies on 100% natural moisturizers and exfoliants for its products. Ingredients such as glycerin, apricot extract, shea butter, and soybean oil, among others, are highly effective natural exfoliators, which can benefit your skin. When you choose St. Ives, you are investing in products inspired by nature that feature unique, cutting-edge, and highly effective ingredients.

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