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Standard Wheelchairs

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Standard wheelchairs

If you're looking for a strong frame with durable support, browse our standard wheelchairs. You can choose your features, including the upholstery material of these basic wheelchairs. Most are made with steel frames and can be an economical and reliable mobility option. Standard wheelchairs from Nova and Everest Jennings offer trusted assistance.

Selecting a chair

Choose a standard wheelchair in the width you need, whether it's 16, 18 or 20 inches. Some of these chairs can adjust by a few inches to meet your height requirements. You can use a standard wheelchair that has leg rests in addition to footrests, and some have removable armrests for your comfort.

For your safety and more

If you need extra support, there are also bariatric wheelchairs that accommodate larger individuals and have extra width. To help you get around outside the home, a transport chair or a lightweight wheelchair that can fold for easy storage and transport might be beneficial. Other mobility options include rollators, walkers and canes. We even carry bathroom safety products such as grab bars, commodes and transfer benches.

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