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Sterile Gauze Pads

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Sterile Gauze Pads

An accident or injury can happen at any time, and while many minor problems can be dealt with on your own, you need to make sure that you have the right first aid supplies on hand to care for yourself or your loved ones. Having a first aid kit stocked with all of the essentials can help ensure that you're prepared for minor injuries, and Walgreens can help you complete your first aid supplies with a selection of sterile gauze pads.

What Is Sterile Gauze?

Sterile gauze is a true first aid essential and is frequently used by medical professionals. Gauze is fabric that has an open weave that forms a barrier while still allowing air to pass through its fibers. The material has many applications, and when it is properly sterilized, it can be used for medical purposes. In order to keep gauze sterile, it is packaged in an airtight container or sleeve that should be kept closed until you're ready to use the gauze.

Types of Pads and Their Benefits

Gauze intended for medical use comes in many forms, including square or rectangular pads. Traditional gauze pads can be held in place against the skin by hand, placed beneath a self-adhesive bandage or anchored by medical adhesive tape. This makes the pads very versatile and ideal for handling a wide array of injuries and medical concerns. You can also find self-adhesive gauze pads that have a sticky surface that adheres to the skin. This type of gauze can be left in place for hours and does not require you to have any type of tape or bandage on hand for use.

Uses of Sterile Gauze

For at-home first aid, sterile gauze is often used to cover wounds, such as cuts, abrasions, burns and blisters. The gauze provides a protective barrier to germs while allowing oxygen to still reach the skin in order to promote healing. Applying pressure with sterile gauze pads can help slow bleeding; however, if a wound is bleeding heavily enough to soak through multiple gauze pads, experts often recommend that you seek emergency medical attention rather than trying to stop the flow of blood on your own.

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