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Sticky notes

Sticky notes are small pieces of stationary that are made with an adhesive strip that is found on the backside of the product. The strip allows you to attach the notes to your documents, a wall or other surfaces, allowing you to leave messages anywhere you want.

Using your notes

Sticky notes have a number of uses. At home, you can use them to remind other members of the household about chores or events. Many people use them for making lists. At an office, sticky notes can be used to provide feedback for a project or document. Students may even find these pads of paper helpful for jotting down ideas or notes from a lecture or book. No matter what you do or where you use them, sticky notes are a great way to set reminders.

Leave notes anywhere

Sticky notes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Originally, they were designed with a yellow color, but have since gone on to include several different colors. The adhesive strip on the notes can be attached to a surface without leaving behind any residue. Some sticky notes come with lines, while others are blank. The most common brand of sticky notes is the Post-It line of products. Originally developed in 1980, Post-It has several products available that will help you with all of your note-taking needs. Other brands have created sticky notes that look like tiny flags, allowing you to place smaller messages in documents or folders.