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Storage Bags For Clothing

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Storage bags For Clothing

If your closets are overflowing with clothes from seasons -- or years -- past, it's time to do some organizing. Storage bags for clothing allow you to keep your extra clothes tightly packed away until you need them again. At Walgreens, we offer several styles of storage bags for clothing, so choose one that suits your unique needs. Thanks to these handy bags and accessories, you will have your drawers and closets organized in no time.

Why Use Clothing Storage Bags?

Storage bags for clothing are space-saving items that allow you to pack a large amount of clothes into a small space. These bags offer ample space for clothing without taking up substantial space in your closet. They allow you to pack away those clothes you do not currently need. If you transition your dresser and closet for each season, storage bags are an effective way to store those out-of-season clothes that you will not be wearing for months. When your children outgrow clothes, pack away those too-small sizes until you can pass them on to a sibling, family member, or friend. Storage bags for clothing allow you to keep unworn clothes in your home without them taking up important space in your closet.


Storage bags for clothing available at Walgreens come in a number of styles. Stackable, cube-shaped bags can hold up to 12 to 14 sweaters each. These expandable bags work well for bulkier clothing items, such as sweaters and jackets, as well as comforters, blankets, and other bedding. Vacuum-seal storage bags create airtight, waterproof spaces with a vacuum valve that sucks out air and keeps your clothing well protected. These reusable bags protect clothing from bugs, moths, dirt, mildew, and odors while they are in storage. Additionally, you can find storage bags for clothing that are ideal for travel. These compressible bags do not require a vacuum, but they take up minimal space in your luggage. Carry-on-sized bags can hold two shirts, two sweaters, and a jacket. Suitcase-sized bags have enough space for two blouses, a jacket, and a sweater. Using these travel-style storage bags for clothing can help maximize space in your luggage, helping you cut down on baggage fees on your next flight.

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