Stuffed Animals

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Stuffed animals

Nearly everyone had stuffed animals when they were a child, and many people collect the stuffed toys today. The toys come in several different types, including those designed for children, sports themed toys and toys that serve as a blanket and pillow.

Choosing plush toys

Not all plush toys feature the same design, and when you start shopping, you must pay attention to the features on the toy. If you give your pet stuffed animals to play with, you should look for any plastic eyes or other items that might fall off. Shopping for toddler toys requires the same diligence on your part. Examine the toy for any loose threads, loose pieces or features that might come off with a little pulling or tugging. Some companies make toys especially for toddlers and babies. These toys feature soft rubber or plastic designs with stuffing inside that are suitable for young children.

Combination toys

Combination toys are any type of stuffed animals that have another feature. Pillow Pals are a great example of a combination toy because the toy looks like an ordinary stuffed animal. When you release the Velcro on the bottom, the toy lies flat. Your little one can use the plush toy as a stuffed animal or a pillow. You can also find stuffed animals that act as a blanket and toy. These toys typically have a plush animal on top with a blanket hanging from the bottom. Some combination toys serve as interactive toys because the stuffed animals sing or play music when you push a button.