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Styling Gel

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Styling gel

Styling gel stiffens and shapes your hair, so you can create your favorite hairstyles. It is good for thickening, straightening, and curling your hair. It can also reduce frizz and hold wayward strands of hair in place. carries hair gels from well-known brands like L'Oreal Paris and Aussie.

Hair gel types

The degree of stiffness your styling gel will give your hair depends on the level of hold it has. Firm gels keep your hair locked into place all day, while others leave hair more flexible so you can continue to shape and adjust your locks. Maximum hold gel is often good for short hair and spiky styles while gels with a low degree of hold are good for smoothing. Alcohol-free hair gels can help keep your hair from drying out.

Styling benefits

Hair gel is useful for creating sculpted hair styles because it smooths and compacts your hair. Unlike mousse, styling gel doesn't create volume in your hair. Instead, it can be used all over your hair, or you can use it selectively to smooth down stray locks. Using a blow dryer on your hair after styling it with hair gel can help lock the style in place.

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