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Sugar Free Caramel Candy

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Sugar Free Caramel Candy

Satisfy your sweet tooth without busting your diet, and pick up some sugar free caramel candy at Walgreens. The rich flavor of caramel blends with other enticing ingredients to create a candy that will tantalize your taste buds. Best of all, you won't feel guilty about snacking on these low-calorie treats when you have a craving for something sweet. Explore the sugar free caramel candies offer. Keeping some of these candies on hand means your caramel craving will always be satisfied.

Candy Types

Sugar free caramel candy is available in two varieties here at Walgreens. Soft, chewy caramels offer a rich and creamy flavor that can satisfy your craving for the long haul. With just 30 calories per piece, these sugar free caramel candies are so delectable that you might just want to have two. With so few calories in each piece, you don't have to feel guilty about enjoying this decadent treat.

Sugar free caramel candy also comes in the hard variety, offering the rich taste of caramel candy without sugar or impact carbs. Hard candy lovers will enjoy snacking on these sweet treats when they're at home, at the office, or anywhere in between.

Flavor Combinations

Although rich caramel highlights the delicious flavor of these candies, other ingredients are included to enhance the flavor. Hard sugar-free caramel candy combines with a number of distinctive flavors to create a taste that will leave your mouth watering. Imagine the delicious combination of caramel and coffee, or sample a hard candy that blends sweet caramel with rich chocolate.

Caramel cinnamon candies offer a pop of surprising flavor. Celebrate the classic flavor of a childhood favorite, and opt for a caramel apple hard candy. In addition, you can find chewy caramels in tasty flavors. Soft caramel is dipped in milk chocolate and sweetened with Splenda for a sugar-free treat.

Packaging Options

Sugar free caramel candy is available in a number of sizes. Choose a 2.35 ounce bag of individually wrapped candies, perfect for storing in your pantry, handbag, or desk drawer. You can also pick up 5-count and 6-count packs of sugar free caramel candy. Or, pick up a 3.25-ounce bag of individually wrapped soft caramels for your snacking pleasure.

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