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Sugar Free Cough Medicine

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Sugar free cough medicine

If you're managing your diabetes, you want to be sure your diet doesn't include too much added sugar. Sugar free cough medicine can help clear your cough symptoms and give you relief without causing a blood sugar spike. Sugar free cough & cold care also includes sugar free cold medicine that can target other symptoms such as nasal congestion. Sugar free cough medicine from brands such as Rompe Pecho and Robitussin are here at

Sugar free cough drops

While diabetic cold medicine can help relieve your symptoms, sometimes you may also need sugar free cough drops to help soothe at any time. Just like sugar free cough medicine, there are sugar free cough drops to help you without adding sugar to your diet. These sugar free cough suppressants are available in a variety of flavors. Choose one that can help you, whether you need an oral anesthetic cough drop or one that can hydrate a dry mouth.

Nutrition and daily monitoring

It can be easy to avoid added sugar with the range of sugar-free options available to you. You can help satisfy cravings for sweets with sugar free chocolates, cookies and sugar free hard candy. There are also diabetic nutrition supplements that can help curb hunger without raising your blood sugar too high. Daily monitoring of your sugar levels can also help you stay balanced, and you can find diabetes supplies such as glucose monitors, test strips and diabetic lancets to help keep you fully stocked.

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