Sugar Free Cough Suppressants

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Sugar free cough suppressants

When you need relief from a cough, using sugar free cough suppressants can soothe without adding sugar to your diet. Whether you're diabetic, concerned about your dental health or have other reasons for avoiding sugar, you can choose between sugar free lozenges and sugar free cough liquids in different flavors. Here at, sugar free cough suppressants are available from brands such as Halls, Rompe Pecho and Diabetic Tussin.

Getting through cold and flu season

Sugar free cough drops can be especially ideal for those who don't want to expose their teeth to added sugar. These can also contain oral anesthetics to help relieve pain from a sore throat. If you need a sugar free cough liquid, there are different flavors to choose from as well as formulas that include decongestants for multi-symptom relief.

Your diet and health

You can find many other sugar free medicines and groceries among our selection of specialty diet products. There are sugar free snacks and sugar free candies that you can enjoy yourself or share with family. We also carry many products for diabetes management, including monitoring supplies such as test strips, lancets and monitors.