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Sugar Free Toffees

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Sugar free toffees

Sweetened with sugar substitutes, sugar free toffees are a healthy and satisfying alternative to other candies. These sugar-free candies are ideal for diabetics or for anyone watching their sugar intake. Choose from different types of sugar free toffees as well as hard candy, caramel, and other treats from brands such as Russell Stover, Werther's Original and Nips here at

More sugarless treats

Whether you share your sugar free toffees or keep them for yourself, you can stock up on your favorites. If you want to try something new or different, browse our other sugar free candies and gums. You'll find plenty of flavors of sugar free gum or mints that won't harm your teeth. There are even different types of sugar free chocolates as well as other candy treats.

Substituting for sugar

Your sugar-free options also include artificial sweeteners that you can use in baking and cooking. There's also lemonade and sugar free drinks that are simple to make for your refreshment. For an easy sugarless dessert, choose from different flavors of puddings and gelatins. There are even sugar-free cookies and baking mixes.

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