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Sun Oils

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Sun oils

Work on your tan using sun oils. With minimal or no SPF, these tanning oils let the sun in to give your skin the golden bronze you're looking for. There are tanning sprays that offer easy application and sun oils that lock in moisture. Try a sun tanning oil from Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic or Coppertone to achieve a sun-kissed look.

A sunny outlook

Some sun oils come in dry oil formulas that are non-greasy and lightweight on your skin. If you want to prevent sunburn, find a sun tan oil that has SPF. You can also find sunscreen sprays that are water-resistant so you can enjoy being in the water without worrying about re-applying your sun oil.

Fun in the sun

If you're enjoying time in the sun, you will want to use after-sun lotions that offer hydration for your skin. Many after-sun body lotions contain soothing ingredients such as aloe vera or tea tree oil. If you've got the tan you want, you can find sun protection in the form of facial sunscreens and sport sunblock with SPFs up to 100+. Check out our selection of men's, women's and children's sunglasses to keep everyone's eyes protected while out in the sun.

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